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How to deal with scratches on the stainless steel mirror surface of Xi'an stainless steel plate manufacturers

Edit:Shaanxi Tonghui Steel Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-01

If the 8K (mirror) plate of Xi'an stainless steel plate is accidentally scratched, if the scratches are not serious, the speed of the feed roller can be slowed down during the mirror polishing process, and the grinding head can be reduced to make the scratched area as smooth as possible.

Generally learned that mirror stainless steel touches these situations:

The first is that the sheet is scratched before processing; it is not obvious; this requires us to judge the severity of the scratch. If the scratched area and scratch deep learning have exceeded the acceptance of the final result of the finished product by the enterprise customer, then the teacher should re-exchange the plate that meets the design requirements, that is, the control of Chinese processing technology operation management personnel is very important.

The second is that the sheet has been mirror-finished, but was accidentally scratched during the filming process. There are many types of scratches, such as: dot, line, and large-area scratches. Point-like scratches, regardless of depth, can be repaired by argon arc welding. After grinding, use a polisher. After grinding, use a mirror polishing device to process it more than twice, which can basically solve this problem.

What to do if the stainless steel mirror is scratched

If the Xi'an stainless steel plate manufacturer is performing self-healing on the bright side, it can use the polishing method to repeatedly polish with different polishing wheels. Generally, sandblasting is used for matte surface repair, so we need a dedicated network device. If you have not done a brushed panel in the previous period, you also need to use special technical equipment for information processing. Regardless of the methods based on the above methods, students must finally passivate the surface problems effectively. It is judged as a slight scratch. If it is a mirror, you can use a polishing wax to polish the stainless steel plate. If it is a wire, you can use a wire drawing machine to wire the stainless steel surface.

Then there were linear scratches, what we call scratches. Scratching is relatively difficult, and shallow scratches can be solved by the above method (slow the speed of the feed roller and lower the grinding head). Deep scratches, not easy to handle. Lishun Stainless Steel recommends that you try to avoid scratching the area when processing and cutting mirror materials.

In addition, talking about large-scale scratches, scratches, and scratch depth can be divided into two cases, the character above.

Xi'an stainless steel plate manufacturers are more complicated if it is the second kind of scratch. Because this kind of influence on secondary scratches should be avoided as much as possible. I recommend that everyone can reduce or avoid the possibility of scratching the mirror panel by studying the following teaching methods: the surface of the board is protected by a film, the board is packed with a wooden frame, the board is covered with cardboard or plastic board, the whole is packed with waterproof paper, Or the surface of the packaging material clearly says "protect the surface of the board and do not scratch it". If there are scratches on the finished mirror stainless steel plate, you can get it yourself according to the basic information according to the method described above. If the company has made a semi-finished equipment, and the surface is scratched with mirrors, you need to use a variety of polishing technology equipment; for example, you can replace the handheld polishing machine with multiple polishing wheels to work together to achieve Better repair effect for students.