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What are the stainless steel decorative plate processes?

Edit:Shaanxi Tonghui Steel Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-02

In our daily life, stainless steel decorative plates can be found everywhere, with various colored patterns or shapes. There is also no visible stainless steel on the surface. So today we will talk about the process of Xi'an stainless steel decorative panel!

1. Laminating process

The bathroom cabinets in the home, as well as the interior doors, walls, etc. should be mainly made of stainless steel coated membrane. So how does such a laminated board process work? First of all, we know that there is a stainless steel surface film, and we use imported PVC and PET films for this film. Using high-temperature composite information technology to make the film adhere to the surface of stainless steel, without adding any adhesive, healthy development and environmental protection.

Second, the etching process

It can be seen in public that most colorful, good-touch patterns are made of stainless steel decorative plates by etching, either by polishing the surface, drawing or sandblasting, and then choosing titanium, printing and etching using screen printing.

Third, copper plating process

Xi'an stainless steel decorative plate is copper-plated, with simple and thick colors and a long history. It is mainly used in large-scale door industry. The surface can also be patterned. Second, it is copper-plated with its own special potion!