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How to extend the service life of quick connect stainless steel pipes

Edit:Shaanxi Tonghui Steel Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-04

I believe everyone wants to go back and use it for a lifetime, but a lot of people use it for a while, because they have n’t listened to my instructions. Generally speaking, if you listen to my quick-connect Xi'an stainless steel pipe half, there is no problem. The point is that you have to understand the installation instructions here. The quick-connecting connecting pipe fitting is a product, which has achieved an epoch-making innovation breakthrough in Xi'an stainless steel pipe connection technology. The quick-connect connection eliminates the technical personnel and construction tools required by the traditional stainless steel connection method, and can be connected and installed by using an ordinary allen wrench, which is convenient and quick to install.

1. Determine the joint from the type and temperature of the fluid. The type and temperature of the fluid have a great influence on the quality of the joint, so it must be adapted to the local conditions when selecting. If the stainless steel quick joint is air, the quick-connect stainless steel pipe can be made of steel. If it is water, you can choose brass or stainless steel joint. 2. Select the appropriate joint according to the pressure of the liquid. The pressure of the fluid is also the key to the selection of stainless steel quick joints. The pressure resistance of different joints is different.

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