Xi'an Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Quality Identification Method

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Xi'an stainless steel welded pipe is a commonly used pipe material. In industrial production, various industrial welded pipes are often used for related connections. There are many types of industrial welded pipes. What are the identification methods for the quality of stainless steel welded pipes?

Everyone knows that many properties of 304 stainless steel welded pipe are better than iron. The important point is that it is not easy to rust and has low copper content. The best way to identify stainless steel welded pipes is to use a magnet. In fact, this type of method is unreasonable. It can only be said that it is generally non-magnetic, but because of the fluctuations in the composition or the production and processing conditions caused by the smelter, it will also appear magnetic. This can not be considered counterfeit or impassable. After cold drawing of stainless steel welded pipe, the more austenite transformation it will have, the more likely it will become magnetic.

Before choosing Xi'an stainless steel welded pipe, it is necessary to make sure that the material is qualified: Take 304 stainless steel welded pipe (1) Price level: If the 304 stainless steel welded pipe plate is less than the 301 price on the sales market, it is most likely counterfeit. (2) Identify whether the surface of the tube is marked with "304" of anti-counterfeiting mark material, and then ask the manufacturer's quality certificate as evidence; (3) Can be tested with acid and alkali test reagents, the material 304 does not fade after 30 seconds, 201 turns gray black.

Industrial welded pipes are often used in production, and are usually used in industry. Industrial welded pipes are pipes that have been specially welded. The production process and cost are relatively low, so they are used as high consumables in industrial production. As a substitute for pipe fittings, industrial welded pipes are mainly stainless steel industrial welded pipes, while 304 stainless steel industrial welded pipes are more widely used, and are generally used in industries such as chemical industry, power plants and food plants.

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