Big and small

Big and small
Big and small

Xi'an stainless steel elbow manufacturers sell stainless steel large and small heads in various connection methods. Common types of pipe fittings are compression type, compression type, union type, push type, push thread type, socket welding type, union type flange connection, welding. Derived series connection methods combining welding and welding with traditional connection. These connection methods have different application scopes according to different principles, but most of them are easy to install, solid and reliable. The material of the sealing ring or gasket used for the connection is mostly selected from silicone rubber, nitrile rubber, and ethylene-propylene-diene rubber that meet the requirements of national standards, eliminating the user's worries.

Application scope of stainless steel heads sold by Xi'an stainless steel elbow manufacturers:

1. Application in metallurgy and power industry

Metallurgical and electric power industries need to consume a large amount of metal pipelines every year to transport pulverized coal, ash, sludge, lime and gypsum slurry. The use of ceramic composite pipes to replace other pipes has the characteristics of high wear resistance, long life, convenient installation, and significant economic benefits.

2.Applications in the mining and coal industries

(1) Mine: Mine filling, concentrate powder and tailings transportation have severely worn the pipeline. The service life of the ore powder transportation pipelines used in the past such as Panzhihua and Daye Mine is less than one year. Changing to this pipe can increase the service life. 5 times or so.

(2) Coal: Wet conveying is widely used in coal preparation and long-distance pipeline transportation. It is required that the conveying pipe is both wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It can be used as a long-life conveying pipe with considerable economic benefits.

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